At Urban Rx we take pride in our products. We stock only the highest quality equipment without the heavy price tag. We believe everyone should be able to afford good quality fitness and fight gear. URX is currently based in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney and proudly supplies a diverse range of industries and personnel Australia wide from Crossfit Affiliates to Fight gym

Gym Equipment Sydney - Urban Rx Fitness Equipment

Urban RX provides a wide range of gym and fitness equipment that suit almost any fitness and health goals. Whether you are looking to tone up your whole body using functional training with sandbags of wallballs or you have a passion for Olympic lifting and need new bumper plates, we have something for you.

Functional equipment is used to mimic movements that we use in everyday life, to not only strengthen the body for the gym but also do things like carry boxes up a flight of stairs. One of the biggest benefits from functional training other than increased strength is improved posture and correct form when using daily movement such as lifting items from the floor. Some of the best functional exercises for the whole body or specific muscle groups include deadlifts, medicine ball squat and presses, push ups or weighted walking lunges.

Urban RX also has an extensive selection of weight training equipment for specialised fitness interests such as powerlifting or more general equipment for people who simply want to gain strength and tone their muscles. We have a selection of different weighted barbells based on your home or professional gym requirements as well as bumper plates and iron plates for an additional challenge. In order to support your body or perform movements that require lying down, flat benches or even adjustable benches are absolutely necessary to prevent injury and maintain the correct form.

We also have a great selection of fight year for boxing, MMA or any other similar sports. Our range of boxing gloves, focus pads and kick pads cater to different fitness levels, experience levels and even different weights and heights of the athlete using them because each person is unique in their fitness journey. In addition, Urban RX also has a range of floor rings, raised rings, floor cages and raised cages for training and are available for customised printing.